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The Emotional Rollercoaster of the Traditional Job Search

Mar 07, 2018

Searching for a new job should be an exciting adventure, the prospect of something bigger and better (and a higher salary) coming along should fill you with cheerful expectation with every application you send out, but, we all know that’s not the case. The truth is, job hunting can be a real drag and often carries with it a lot of false hope, interview fails and wasted hours spent on the search.

For years now traditional job search methods have acted as a black hole, where millions of candidates and employers find themselves wading through an extensive list of irrelevant prospects in the hopes of landing on a gold mine. So where does it all go wrong? We’ve got a few ideas:

Job Boards - the wild goose hunt

Whether it’s online or offline, this isn’t an ideal strategy.

You and a plethora of similarly weighted candidates find yourselves vying for the attention of employers and recruiters, who in turn, find themselves sifting through hundreds of CVs that are much of a muchness in their eyes. So what happens? The best candidates get overlooked and prospective employees receive little to no feedback to the hundreds of applications they’ve sent out. It’s a frustrating process that often provides no direct contact between the employer and candidate.

Recruiting Agents - idealistic promises and broken dreams

Let’s just cut to the chase here, recruiters don’t actually see you as a person, to them you’re just a number.

When you contact a recruiting agency, you’re dealing with a target-driven, independent entity that has no real ties with you as the candidate or you as the company on your search for opportunity. Their primary pursuit for commission often creates a broken telephone mess of a situation, with countless mismatched connections made between companies and candidates. As a candidate you’re often left discouraged and as an employer you’ll often find yourself wasting time (and money) meeting with prospects that have no relevant experience.

Social Media - #TMI

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or the gram, these sites often offer way too much information about you.

If you’re looking for employment in the corporate world, social media is likely not the place to do it. From your college party pictures, occasional rants about your life or job, to bad grammar; prospective employers are likely to judge your application based on what they see on your profile, regardless of your proven skills. Of course there is Linkedin, a more formalised social media platform that’s better suited for the job search but the verdict’s still not out yet on whether this truly is an effective tool or not.

If after this you’re left feeling a little dejected by the job search process, know that there is hope. Across the globe there’s a progressive movement away from traditional, long-winded job search methods towards more efficient, digital headhunting platforms, which allow for immediate and relevant connections between prospective candidates and employers.

The truth is, searching for a new opportunity can be an exciting adventure. With you can set yourself up to connect with some of the best companies and candidates in South Africa, in minutes. GET STARTED today to unlock the possibilities.