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Traditional Recruitment is Dead

Feb 28, 2018

The swearing in of a new president welcomes a brand new future for South Africa. Bright prospects around potential investment and economic growth are unlocking business opportunities and with it the increase in demand for professional labour. Out of the many industries driving our economic growth, we see the fields of Finance, Engineering and Technology being at the forefront of these; which is why we’ve made it our main focus.

In this time of projected economic growth, finding skilled labour or a worthy job needs to be swift and precise to ensure you get the best on offer - and this is where comes in. The digital headhunting platform puts to rest the old-age and inefficient traditional recruiting methods, adopting effective technologies to help companies and prospective candidates make timely and well-informed decisions throughout the hiring process.

Across the globe technology is helping companies find talent and through you can embrace this progressive trend to improve the hiring and job hunt process. Whether you’re a company looking for the right talent or talent looking for your next big opportunity, the job market is changing and we’re here to make it easy for companies and talent to find each other in an efficient and effective way.

Not convinced? Check out the reasons’s online headhunting platform is right for you:

  • Access to talent 24/7 provides access to talent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The talent on these platforms is hungry to be found so why should they only be made available when a recruiting agent feels like it. On this platform you have full access to surfing the database at any hour of the day and seeing what kind of talent is out there. Don’t be refined to the hours that recruiters decide on, it’s that time when time doesn’t matter anymore.

  • Talent Assessments has a ‘behind the scenes’ team that performs a rigorous filtering process. What recruiting agents fail to do in their recruiting process is make their applicants take a technical assessment. Everyone that proceeds through the filtering process to finally end up on the database would have undertaken a test. This test is extra reassurance to employers of the potential candidates ability. Having everyone on the database already shortlisted makes HR managers jobs a lot easier.

  • Exclusive

We only operate in three highly specialized, professional industries; Engineering, Finance and Technology. Our database is made up of an extensive list of professionals that work in these industries, all of which have acquired degrees, certificates and/or diplomas to support their skills. To match these prospective employees we provide a wide-range of the county’s most attractive, high performing companies to headhunt these candidates from our database.

  • Takes out the middle-man

When you take out the recruiting agent you’re saving yourself time and money. We vet every prospective employee using an effective talent assessment tool, guaranteeing every prospective on our database can perform the role they match up for. This means you can spend less time worrying about if they are equipped in the brain department and spend more time assessing their social ability to fit into the company culture and make your work environment more pleasant. When a vacancy comes about in your company, you know exactly what skills you need to fill that role, so, instead of trying to transfer this information to a recruiting agent's notebook, take over the database and find yourself the right candidate. Request interviews for free and deal directly with the applicant. Forget the possibility of information being lost in translation and allow for a more time efficient hiring process.

  • Cheaper

Working on bigger scales and with more efficient technology, a digital headhunting platform like ours offers a free sign up for companies and talent. Companies will pay a small 12.5% fee of the placed candidate’s first year of salary, but unlike recruiters, we don’t expect that payment to made up front. We have constructed payment plans that can suit your company size and cash flow. We deal with big companies and small companies who all have a demand for highly qualified talent which is why we cater to everyone by offering flexible payment schedules and free sign up options!

As South Africa’s new and progressive digital headhunting marketplace, we’re offering a platform that’s welcomed in the future and underlined the death of traditional recruitment.