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22 1st Avenue, Houghton, Johannesburg, Gauteng

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We do plan on changing the world We plan on changing the way we diagnose, treat and manage the single greatest killer it knows. However, we do not plan on doing it alone. The impact of Cardiometabolic Disease When you’re faced with health issues as widespread and treacherous as hypertension, diabetes and obesity, there can be no half measures. Cardiometabolic Disease has the unfortunate honour of being the world’s leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Not only does it place a tremendous, ever-growing strain on healthcare costs, it also kills more people than HIV and malaria combined. We need to change Ironically enough, the current epidemic of cardiometabolic disease worldwide is being diagnosed, treated and managed in separate silos. Our current system is filled with repetitive, duplicated tests and services, as well as lost data, which inevitably leads to increased costs and reduced patient outcomes. The Kardio Ecosytem is the only solution that seamlessly links connected health devices (TEC - Technology Enabled Care) to validated POC blood tests providing accurate and validated risk analyses, links to emergency care and access to treatment protocols informed by local and international guidelines.
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